Remote-Controlled Enviroments Interface

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RCEI: Remote-Controlled Enviroments Interface

Federico Peinado and Álvaro Navarro

The Remote-Controlled Environment Interface (RCEI) is a protocol and a language that is used as an inteface between intelligent systems and a virtual environments. RCEI allows bidirectional communication between the system and the environment, the first one sending commands (orders for characters and other entities of the virtual world) and the second one returning facts (changes in the state of the world). 

The purpose of this project is to link automatic storytelling systems with powerful game engines, using specific adapters to this common interface.

There is a technical report (PDF, in Spanish) written by Álvaro Navarro about RCEI and its development process, and also an M.Sc. thesis about the new vocal interface (PDF, in Spanish) by the same author.

Special thanks should be given to Arturo Nakasone (University of Tokyo, Japan) for his suggestions about RCEI’s name and features, including a future adapter for NWN2.


jRCEI is implemented in Java using an open source license.

Now examples are included for you to test this tool controlling Neverwinter Nights from a Java GUI.
Requirements to run the examples: Neverwinter Nights (NWN Diamond Edition), Neverwinter Nights Extender (NWNX 2.6.1).

jRCEI is under active development.
You can DOWNLOAD every public release of jRCEI at Google Code (including the adapter, tests and examples for Neverwinter Nights). 
You should also unzip these libraries into the jRCEI release.

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