An API for Dealing with Description Logics

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DLModel, An API for Dealing with Description Logics

Federico Peinado

DLModel is an API for accesing a Description Logic model, implemented in an external ontological system (such as those used in the Semantic Web).. It offers an abstract interface, but also a Java implementation for accesing OWL files using Jena and a DL resoner like Pellet. 

The purpose of this project is to act as a easy tool fordevelopments that deals with Description Logics and Semantic Web Technologies.

Picture: De Espalda al Mar by Patop.mundi.
DL logo by Enrico Franconi.


jDLModel is implemented in Java using open source software.
Special thanks should be given to Juan Antonio Recio and other developers of OntoBridge (jCOLIBRI proyect) at GAIA research group and also to developers of Knowledge Manager (KM) at Julietta research group. Thank you also to my faithful “clients” at NIL group and all around the Computer Science Faculty 😉

jDLModel is under active development. 
You can DOWNLOAD every public release of jDLModel at Google Code

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