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GM-UML, An UML Model of an Automatic Role-Playing Game Master

Federico Peinado and Pablo Gervás

GM-UML is a UML model of an automatic interactive digital storytelling system inspired in a human Role-Playing Game Master. 

Picture: Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Series by Ink & Paint (2006).

During the fast evolution of automatic direction of Interactive Digital Storytelling many description of similar ideas have appeared in the academic literature. System architectures and workflows are usually presented using informal descriptions and diagrams, what makes difficult to identify what are the real contributions of each publication. In the way of establishing a safe ground for future research on this topic, this project is a first step towards the formalization of a particular paradigm for developing automatic storytellers. The chosen paradigm is Role-Playing Game Mastering, which computational model is presented using UML.


GM-UML has been implemented using ArgoUML in the form of a ZARGO project called argoGM-UML. Some drafts of the project’s XMI source and diagrams are available in this file: GM-UML.

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