A Pedagogical Adventure Through Videogame Bussiness

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Game Guru, A Pedagogical Adventure Through Videogame Bussiness

Federico Peinado, Enrique López Mañas and Daniel Canales
with the contributions of Francisco Javier Moreno, Javier Torrente and Héctor Montoya

Game Guru is a pedagogical ‘old-stype’ graphic adventure that shows how the game industry works from the inside, starting with the game conception and finishing with the sucessful (or not) lauch of a videogame, involving the protagonist int interactions with both developers and publishers.

Game Guru is the title of an interactive story project of the Facultad de Informática UCM. It belongs to the adventure game genre, with similar esthetics and functionalities as a classic adventure published at the end of 80’s/beginning of 90’s. The game tries to teach the details of the process of professional production of a videogame using the story of a boy that enters into the industry, works in several positions and finally launches a successful AAA title. The story is full of comic situations, including absurd or sarcastic humor, and interesting challenges for the player, that has to prove he knows the bussiness finding the many hidden references to the world of videogames that appear in the game.

Game Guru project has won Best Game Award at CVEEL’09 Seminar at the Facultad de Informática UCM.

The following video is a short documentary by Enrique López Mañas:

Same video spoken in Spanish


The final version of Game Guru (with the full plot) is still under development, although a draft-like version is available here. 
Warning: Text and dialogues are written in Spanish

Game Guru (Playable Draft, JAR)
For executing the JAR file you need Java SE platform installed.

Game Guru (Editable Draft, ZIP)
For executing or editing the contents of the EAD file, that is inside this ZIP file, you need <e-Adventure> game platform installed (that usually includes Java).

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