Information of my teaching activities.


Interactive Digital Storytelling

  • Short seminar on new technologies for creating digital stories (2011)

Game Design (Spanish)

Unreal Modding (Spanish)

  • Research notes from the KIIDS project (2005-2006)

Laboratory of Systems Programming (Spanish)

  • Lectures from Laboratorio de Programación de Sistemas (2010-2011), a university course on object-oriented programming and the language Java

Introduction to Programming (Spanish)

  • Lectures from Introducción a la Programación (2009-2010), a university course on programming and the language Pascal

Language Processors (Spanish)

  • Lectures from Procesadores de Lenguaje (2009-2010), a university course on compilers and formal languages

Web Technologies (Spanish)

  • Lectures from Tecnologías Web (2009-2010), a university course on HTML, CSS and web programming

Ofimatics suites

  • Training Courses for Unemployed People on Microsoft Office. Fondo Social Europeo, Comunidad de Madrid and Fundación General UCM project (2003)

Web design and usability

  • Colaboración en la Elaboración de Materiales Educativos Multimedia Orientados a la Formación. Beca del Consejo Social para la colaboración en el Convenio ANIEL-UCM (September 2002 – January 2003)
  • Acknowledgements to the course coordinator Prof. Dr. D. Luis Hernández Yáñez